12 Short Mobile Films

As part of the Stand for Syria Arts Festival opening evening, an interesting and brave collection of the short films screened in ‘Syria’s Mobile Phone Film Festival’ will be screened

The event will take place in St Andrews on Tuesday April 7th in Lower collage hall St Salvador Quad KY16 9AL

About Syria’s Mobile phone Film Festival

Mobile phone devices have been crucial in documenting the Syrian uprising and war. Thousands of Syrians who were often the unnamed activists but also journalists and regular citizens, shot with their mobile phones short videos of demonstrations, crackdown on civilians, aftermath of barrel bombs as well as short videos showing their daily life. The videos were uploaded on YouTube giving fellow Syrians and the outside world a glimpse into the Syrian reality whether it was Damascus, Homs, villages of Idlib, or Kurdish areas. Often these films were tragic but sometimes they were also humorous and many became part of Syrian’s collective memory. These videos were and still are a crucial tool for journalists covering Syria. Read More

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