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Who are we?

We are a group of Syrian university students and scholars living in Scotland who have come together to raise awareness across Scotland on the human aspect of the Syrian conflict as well as on the Syrian civil society and its non-violence struggle. Realising the high cost of lost educational opportunities to Syrians due to violence and its impact on reconstituting peace in Syria, we also seek to raise funds for the education of Syrians in their countries of refuge. We came together to ask the Scottish community to stand with us for Syria through the common language of Arts, be it music, films, graffiti work, photos and even poetry.

Contact Us

email: stand4syriaartfestival@gmail.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stand4SyriaArtFestival


Rana Khalaf

Rana Khalaf is an independent researcher and consultant. She is also a research fellow with the Centre for Syrian Studies at the University of St. Andrews. With her work on Syria, Rana bridges the gap between academia, on the one hand, and the world of civil society, activism and policy-making on the other. To view her work, please visit https://st-andrews.academia.edu/RanaKhalaf.

Haian Dukhan

Haian Dukhan is a PhD Candidate at the School of International Relations/Centre for Syrian Studies in St Andrews. His research interests deal with tribal political systems and social and political exclusion of tribal people in Syria. He is also a disability rights activist who led different disability campaigns in Syria and the UK.

Abdulhamid Qabbani

Abdulhamid is a freelance journalist and fellow at the Centre for Syria Studies. Currently he is completing masters in the School of International Relations at St Andrews University. He writes article and op-ed contributions on the middle East and the Syrian conflict. Most Recently, he was part of setting up Syria Research and Evaluation Organisation where he worked as researcher.

Mahmoud Khateeb

Mahmoud Khateeb is a Computer Science graduate. He is doing a MSc in Management and Information Technology. He is also a fellow at the Center for Syria Studies. Enforced disappearance activist and a former political prisoner. Mahmoud worked as a photojournalist in Syria with many international agencies.

Waseem Albahri

Waseem Albahri is an architect, who studied masters in Architectural Conservation at Edinburgh University. His research interest focuses on cultural heritage and identity in the Syrian conflict.He is a member of Heritage for Peace organization which supports heritage workers as they work to protect their collections, monuments and archaeological sites during armed conflict.

Reem Alaseel

Reem Alaseel has a Masters degree in Management from the University of St Andrews. The Asfari Foundation funded her degree. Reem has been heavily involved in humanitarian acts in Syria. She has assisted people in the community affected by the crisis and she wishes to continue doing so in the UK.

Nada Kartouch

Nada Kartouch is an Asfari alumni who is a Management and Information Technology graduate from St Andrews University. She is also a member of the Center of Syrian Studies and former member of Junior Chamber International. Nada has contributed in many social development projects in Syria and now in Scotland.


Many thanks for Waseem Albahri for his creative brochure design, and for Nada Kartouch for designing and managing the event website

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