Death Visited me, Yet on The Shelf There Was no Coffee

The director tells the story of his personal suffering in Damascus suburbs under the siege in summer 2012. The movie shows the nature of the siege and the surrounding circumstances, it also highlights the role of activists.

Director: Omar Alkhani

Runtime: 28 minutes

Year: 2013

Screening Times:

  • Friday 10/04/2015 6:30 – 8:00 pm in St Andrews

  • Saturday 11/04/2015 6:30 – 8:00 pm in Edinburgh

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    Anonymous review from Cinema for Peace foundation blog:

    “Death visited me and yet on the shelf there was no coffee, is a film written, produced and directed by first time film maker Omar Al-Khani. A Damascus native, Mr. Al-Khani took to the suburbs of Damascus in August 2012 with nothing but a camera and a heart inspired by revolution. Mr. Al-Khani could have never forecasted the reality he would then face as over the next three weeks the suburbs came under siege trapping him at the heart of destruction, death and chaos.
    It is a film about the human, a film about human values, fear, loss and sorrow. This is a film about life and living amongst each other despite it all. This is neither a revolution film nor a political film; this film shows life under indiscriminate fear. Above all, this film was made out of love of life and coming to find the true value of it by facing the reality of your own, and that of your loved ones, being so easily and quickly taken from you.
    There are many videos of death, destruction and militarization coming out of Syria but very few films and especially very few films that tell the story of the human; the daily reality for Syrians in Syria, two years later. This film tells that story, the story of making friends with death, losing friends from death and above all, realizing the true value of life in the face of death.”

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